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28814Dual boot Vista/Ubuntu on Precision M4300

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  • Christoph Eckert
    Sep 16, 2007
      Hi all,

      I plan the purchase of a Precision M4300. While the main OS still will
      be Linux, I plan to keep the Vista installation on the device.

      I plan to boot into Vista and to repartition the drive with the built in
      Vista tool. But what I've seen in the internet, it eventually does not
      allow to shrink the c: partition to a size I want it to.

      Thus my question: if I have to partition the device with other tools,
      I'll surely need to reinstall Vista. Will this be possible with the CDs
      provided by Dell? Will Vista registration be a problem after
      reinstalling? Will I need to reinstall all drivers under Vista or are
      those already included in the Dell disk image?

      Sometimes I heard that it was not possible to boot Vista using GRUB but
      also heard success stories.

      Dell provides Ubuntu installation discs. Should I prefer those over
      plain Ubuntu discs?

      Any experiences?

      Thanks a bunch & best regards,

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