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28746Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Next distro?

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  • Douglas S. Oliver
    May 24 8:51 AM
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      ken wrote:
      > On 05/23/2007 01:51 PM somebody named Douglas S. Oliver wrote:
      >> ken wrote:
      >>>> B/W terminal.
      > The standard way to do this has always been to edit /etc/inittab,
      > changing the line
      > id:5:initdefault:
      > to
      > id:3:initdefault:
      > (changing the runlevel from "5" to "3").
      > Does Ubuntu deviate from this tradition/standard also?

      The answer is a simple yes. This is what I was trying to say, though
      clumsily, when I said that everything except run level one is linked to
      run level four or five. For example, if you telinit to run level 3, you
      wind up back at the initial gui log in screen. The same is true if you
      use <ctrl><alt><backspace>, which would normally kill your gui session
      and drop you at a text terminal. You might be met with an admonishment
      that "only root can to that." Ubuntu is really set up for folks used to
      MS Windows. New linux users should normally stay away from acting as the
      root user. There's simply too much power there; however, for an
      experienced linux user, being forced to stay away from becoming root, is
      an annoyance. And I should say that my Ubuntu 7.04 has no inittab file.
      I think an earlier version did have that file, and I tried changing the
      initdefault which because of the soft linking business, had no effect. I
      think a while back I tried teliniting to run level one and then using
      startx to get an X session. From there I could use
      <ctrl><alt><backspace> to pop out of the gui to the terminal. Silly way
      to do this. That's when I learned from a web search about the disabling
      the gdm in rc3.d. Anyway, it's been fun to play with this newcomer on
      the block. Talk to you later--Douglas

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      Douglas S. Oliver

      "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity,
      and I'm not sure about the former." --Albert Einstein

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