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28709Dell 1370 WLAN and Xandros 3.03

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  • upshaw1971
    Apr 19, 2007

      I recently installed Xandros Linux 3.0.3 on my Dell Latitude D610.

      I have it set to dual boot between XP Pro and Xandros. Everything
      went fine, except Xandros does not see my Dell 1370 Wireless LAN card.

      It sees my Ethernet card, and I can connect through it, and my
      wireless works in XP Pro.

      I tried NDIS Wrapper with the bcmwl5.inf driver, but the wireless card
      still does not show up in my Network Control panel.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated, as i would like to move
      completely away from XP, but can't until my wireless works!


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