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28618minor problem usin FC6 on inspiron 640m

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  • adeanom
    Jan 18, 2007
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      Hi all,

      I've managed to install FC6 on Dell Inspiron 640m. And it's still
      running well up until now.

      But there's a minor problem.

      When I close the monitor lid, the monitor screen should be turned off
      right? And when i opened it again the screen should be back to normal.

      But why, on my laptop. When i open the monitor screen it still turned
      off? The display would come back again when I quit from X (by pressing
      Alt+Ctrl+F1) to shell.

      Is there anyone here know how to solve it?

      Btw, I'm using built-in intel driver right now for X. Previouly when i
      use Intel i810 driver, I can't even get the screen back even if I quit
      X, so I have to reboot.
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