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28602Re: [linux-dell-laptops] I need a second opinion. [2Anna Leahy]

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  • Vadim E. Ulybin
    Jan 5 3:47 PM
      Sorry, I saw all the messages for this question, but as I haven't Fedora
      (RedHat 9 was the last I used from this branch) and I own Inspiron 8600C
      but not the 8100...

      And I would like to recommend You to try Mandriva 2007 as You prefer
      Linux and not MS only ;-)

      As for me, it works fine (since I had change video drivers (I have
      nVidia go5200 AFAIR) for graphical mode from proprietal nVidia to xorg's
      "nv" as original one didn't wake up after suspend)
      And Mandriva didn't find my modem correctly (it thougth I have SmartLink
      chip since I have HSF-modem) but with PowerPack all the problems was
      solved very fast.

      All other things work fine "out of the box", including Ether/WiFi,
      Video, Sound, Office docs (openoffice) and much more...

      ***And this distro has very user-friendly interface for many of settings
      everybody needs! but if You want more (and You'll need it, if You'll try
      any Linux!) You can improve any services manually ;-)

      I have no problems with this distro and like to think You'll haven't too =)

      PS: You can buy Mandriva Linux from their site or download via
      BitTorrent anyway, but I wish You have their _PowerPack_ edition as it
      has some additional drivers and trial versions of commercial software =)
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