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28597Re: [linux-dell-laptops] I need a second opinion.

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  • Anna Leahy
    Jan 5, 2007
      Thanks. I actually don't have wireless (I guess it wasn't standard in 2003 when my laptop was made) and that seems to be the biggest problem people mention. I like the dual boot idea, but my preinstalled OS is "riddled with viruses." I have to wipe the hard drive and start over and the guy I got it from doesn't have all the installation discs - thus my search for a new OS!

      Alejo Varona <alejovarona@...> wrote:

      Supoprt for some 802.11g wireless adapters based on
      some recently common chipsets (and I'm thinking
      bcm83xx here) is being developed as we speak so you
      may expect a little bit of trouble there (though many
      people have reported it working). Beyond that any
      recent distro should work fine. Personally, I can wait
      a few weeks until all bmc83xx edges have been

      Another posibility is to go dual boot: split your
      harddisk 50/50 or any other preferred ratio, install
      linux on the new partition and choose grub to select
      what OS to boot. You've paid for the license of the
      preinstalled OS anyway which provides smooth 802.11g

      That being said, remember to backup your data before
      repartitioning if you choose to do so, and don't
      hesitate to ask for advice around you.

      Hope it helps.

      --- Anna <annaleahy@yahoo. com> wrote:

      > Hi, everyone. I'm computer illiterate, so I think my
      > questions will
      > probably be stupid, but bear with me hereĀ…
      > Is there any reason I should NOT use Fedora 6 on my
      > Dell Inspiron
      > 8100? I see there are a lot of documents on this
      > site on how to get
      > Red Hat to work correctly on a Dell. Does that mean
      > there's a problem
      > with it? Help!

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