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28495Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Install BELKIN Wireless G USB Network Adapter on my system?

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  • Robert Spilleboudt
    Nov 4, 2006
      look at this

      Bob Whitman wrote:
      > I installed SuSE LINUX 10.1
      > on my computer with Windows XP pro.
      > My system is Dell Dimension 2350 with a WD 250GB drive.
      > Trying to install my BELKIN Wireless G USB Network Adapter.
      > The Model number is BELKIN F5D7050.
      > The USB Network Adapter looks like a USB Jump drive.
      > BELKIN is not giving a chipsets.
      > Where do I get the software to install my Wireless device?
      > How do I install this software?
      > The BELKIN installation CD works for Windows XP pro.
      > Do I need to buy another Wireless G USB Network Adapter
      > that works with SuSE LINUX 10.1?
      > What Wireless "B" or "G" Network Adapters work with SuSE LINUX 10.1?
      > Thank You
      > Bob Whitman
      > xboomerx@... <mailto:xboomerx%40yahoo.com>
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