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28491E1505, SUSE 10.1 and Dell bios update

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  • Sebastien
    Oct 28, 2006

      I have an E1505 with the A02 BIOS version. I would like to update it to
      the latest (A09) and was wondering if there are any of you out there who
      have successfully done so on SUSE. I have installed libsmbios (so I have
      the dellBiosUpdate utility) and I have loaded the dell_rbu driver.

      However, the update utility fails with "Could not open Dell RBU driver."
      After some digging around (especially
      /usr/src/linux/Documentation/dell_rbu.txt), I think it's because my
      /sys/class/firmware directory doesn't have a dell_rbu subdirectory. Does
      that mean I have the wrong driver? Can anyone shed some light please?