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28473dell truemobile wireless with broadcom in debian sid

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  • L.Venkataraju Gandhi
    Oct 7, 2006
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      was having sid working wifi. Now I reinstalled sid. Now wifi is not
      working. I am now finding bcm43xx module is loaded most probably by
      udev/hal. It creates eth1 wifi device. I have previously made
      ndiswrapper and it was working wpa-psk key system.
      now also

      lvgdell600m:/var/log# lsmod|grep ndis
      ndiswrapper 163952 0
      usbcore 112580 6

      lvgdell600m:/var/log# ndiswrapper -l
      Installed drivers:
      bcmwl5 driver installed, hardware present

      lvgdell600m:/var/log# cat /etc/modprobe.d/ndiswrapper
      alias wlan0 ndiswrapper

      but when I try
      lvgdell600m:/var/log# iwconfig wlan0 essid MT841
      Error for wireless request "Set ESSID" (8B1A) :
      SET failed on device wlan0 ; No such device

      is it caused by bcm43xx module? if so is it better to remove bcm34xx
      and work with ndiswrapper.
      How to remove bcm43xx

      Or work with bcm43xx. If so how to make wpasupplicant work with it. my
      router is using wpa-psk key for clients.