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28422D620 w/ port replicator and Ubuntu 6x

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  • darinrcamp
    Sep 4, 2006
      I am running Ubuntu 6.06 on a D620 with the port replicator (from my
      old D600). Everything works as it should except for accelerated
      graphics. When I use "nv" in my xorg.conf file I can use the laptop in
      the port replicator and get native 1680x1050 resolution on my external
      2005FPW monitor.

      I installed the nvidia fglrx packages and can run the laptop stand
      alone with the "nvidia" driver configured in the xorg.conf file. I get
      accelerated 3D graphics and everything. However when I dock it I
      cannot get the display to show up on the external monitor.

      Any ideas?

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