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28370fan fast on boot

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  • ianwroberts
    Aug 2, 2006
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      I've been pretty happy with my experience installing (K)ubuntu
      Dapper 6.06 on my new Dell Inspiron 6400. I've retained the option
      of booting into the DEll-installed Windows-XP but usually use
      Kubuntu now that I've just about got everything working (incl ATI
      graphics drivers and WPA on my wifi).

      The only remaining problem I have is that *sometimes* on bootup
      (while grub is displaying the boot menu) the machine gets into a
      state where (one of?) the fans start spinning and keep spinning very
      fast and apparently indefinitely. In this state the boot process
      continues very slowly -I eventually give up and press the restart
      button. Usually everything's fine on the second attempt but I
      sometimes need to try a few times.

      The problem usually arises on the first boot of the day - I have no
      idea how that could be - perhaps it just likes the evenings
      better! ;-)

      As the problem occurs so early in the boot process I can't find any
      logging information. Since I haven't even selected a boot
      option/kernel yet, I'm thinking it must be either: grub; BIOS or a
      hardware problem.

      Has anybody else had/solved this problem?

      Any suggestions would be appreciated...


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