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28296Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Re: Dell Harrassment!!!

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  • Chris Fox
    Jul 1, 2006
      DMichael Burns wrote:

      > So, take your liberal tree-hugging happy butt to the next Sierra Club
      > meeting and complain about the Dell mailings there where you would have a
      > more sympathetic ear.
      > And if the powers that be decide to boot me from this group for this
      > post,
      > at least I will not have to listen to a whiny liberal post OT comments
      > like
      > this one again.

      Speaking as one who just joined this list, let me add my novitiate
      opinion for the regard of those Powers Which Be .. I could go the rest
      of my life without ever reading another post like THIS one and be quite

      Differencences of opinion are all well and good, sharp political debate
      keeps us all on our toes .. but anyone so disconnected from his own
      self-interest as to sneer at "tree-hugging hippies" is someone whose
      opinion is utterly without value and whose contributions to the
      discussion cannot be anything but negative.
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