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28294Re: Dell Harrassment!!!

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  • Jon
    Jul 1, 2006
      Thanks to everyone who responded. I didn't think I'd get that many
      responses! I guess people here have a lot of time on their hands.
      I work for a living, Union job. Therefore I do *not* have a lot of
      time on my hands. This is why junk mail for me is a problem. I
      have neither the time nor resources to do anything with it.

      Also junk mail is a problem for something called "the environment"!
      But under a G W Bush Administration, no one would know that our
      evnvironment is in danger.

      It's funny how every time I try to report this to DELL, they tell me
      a different "department name" I need to call, and each time it's

      I appreciate the "return to sender" technique. Does anyone know if
      this works for large corporations such as Dell?

      The "throw in garbage" technique is not an option, in CT it is law
      you recycle paper. Thanks though!

      Anyhow my next PC will be a UBPC, made in thr USA. At least they
      have Americans as Tech Support, not someone in Bangladesh named Ted!

      Hope everyone has a great Independence Day weekend!
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