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28146Inspiron 8100 Extremely Slow Bootup/Operation

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  • Taylor James Zingsheim
    Mar 21, 2006
      After an apt update while running unstable borked my Debian install a
      few months back, I didn't bother to touch my Inspiron because I was
      tired of all the problems I was continually having with it and didn't
      want to deal with a software issue on top of all the other hardware
      ones. I finally decided to get it going again and fix things to get
      some various important files off of there, but now when I boot up it
      takes literally minutes to post and so far after about 15 minutes I'm
      still going through the basic KNOPPIX bootup procedure, everything is
      positively glacial. The last thing I had Dell replace on there was
      the hard drive because it died, so now I'm assuming that this new one
      is dying again, but is there anything I can perhaps do? The fans are
      working and it's not running too hot.

      It's really ridiculous, though, I've literally had Dell replace every
      part (and I do mean EVERY part apart from the base frame) on this
      thing at least once, and the mountains and mountains of hardware
      issues and the lies and dodging of the tech support personnel have
      certainly ensured that my next laptop will NOT be a Dell.
      Unfortunately the warranty has run out (just after I had them replace
      the hard drive) and so I can't send it back in, so any helpful
      suggestions will be appreciated.
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