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27890Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Re: Fedora 4 on Dell XPS M140

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  • herman@aeronetworks.ca
    Jan 2, 2006
      parenthetically_yours wrote ..
      > prevents the disk from being used outside the machine. IT WON'T WORK
      OK, wasn't aware that Dell now use those kind of disks. However, all you need to do to recover the data, is replace the controller card. If a perp has hardware access to the disk drive, then only encryption can keep the data safe.

      Only the paranoid will survive... :-)

      > why did you feel the need to store information that could let you be
      > defrauded in the first place?
      I run Quickbooks on my notebook, since I work all over the place, this is handy. Older versions of Quickbooks work on CxOffice.

      However, I think what the perp accessed was a scan of a credit card statement, which was still on the desktop. Fortunately, the damage to me was only $50, thanks to state law.
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