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27888Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Re: Fedora 4 on Dell XPS M140

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  • Herman
    Jan 2, 2006
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      >Finally, you say the Dell HDD password is useless, I disagree, you'll
      >find that it's cheaper to replace the HDD in a stolen notebook than
      >send it off to get the HDD password reset. Yes it's possible to
      >circumvent but the disk won't just work in another machine, and the
      >average 10yo won't be much help. It also protects the whole disk,
      >including the windows partitions, with no overheads (unlike software
      >encryption of specific partitions).
      You can't replace the HDD in a stolen notebook - the machine is gone -
      you don't have it anymore. Unless you are the asshat whole stole the
      notebook... ;-)

      The purpose of encryption is to prevent the person who stole the
      machine, from reading your accounting and other sensitive data.
      Mandriva uses AES encryption. Without the passphrase, a thief cannot
      access your data. The only thing the thief can do, is format and
      re-install. (I had an IBM Stinkpad stolen and got an $8000 credit card
      bill a couple of months later - since then, I'm using encryption

      The Dell BIOS password doesn't help in this regard, since it is trivial
      to circumvent. As I mentioned, simply insert the disk drive in a
      desktop machine and read it. The password may be good protection
      against your little kid sister who doesn't know how to use a screw
      driver, but it sure won't help against my teenage son... :)


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