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27887Re: Fedora 4 on Dell XPS M140

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  • parenthetically_yours
    Jan 2 5:40 PM

      I hope we're on the same side here - pro linux on Dell laptops. To be
      honest I have nothing against Mandriva, but I find your anti Fedora
      comments unhelpful.

      > Oh good grief - consider that I have 10 Mandriva, 7 Fedora and one
      > Ubuntu machine at last count (and countless Windoze machines).

      Fine - I would have thought that gave you a more balanced viewpoint.

      You suggest disk encryption, which will cost a 2% performance hit
      (according to the link you gave). It will also make it harder to reuse
      the home partition with other installations of linux.

      You recommend using i586 optimised binaries on an i686 which will give
      you what performance improvement over typical i386 code? I'm guessing
      you'd struggle to get 2% without fiddling the benchmarks. Try harder,
      read the kernel docs and go pester your distro for i686 binaries :)

      Now bear in mind that most processes are IO-bound (rather than CPU
      bound). I'll take my 2% performance boost by having unencrypted disk
      access, thanks.

      Finally, you say the Dell HDD password is useless, I disagree, you'll
      find that it's cheaper to replace the HDD in a stolen notebook than
      send it off to get the HDD password reset. Yes it's possible to
      circumvent but the disk won't just work in another machine, and the
      average 10yo won't be much help. It also protects the whole disk,
      including the windows partitions, with no overheads (unlike software
      encryption of specific partitions).

      (ref: http://www.pwcrack.com/harddisk.shtml,

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