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27873Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Inspiron 6000 advice please

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  • Calen Martin D. Legaspi, SCEA
    Jan 1, 2006
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      I'm also on the Inspiron 6000 and have tried several distros (Kubuntu, Ubuntu, FC4) before finally settling on CentOS.  I'm quite happy with CentOS.  Here are some helpful CentOS post-installation notes: http://www.a.phys.nagoya-u.ac.jp/~taka/linux/co4note-eng.html


      On 12/30/05, John Logsdon <j.logsdon@...> wrote:
      Can anyone recommend a RedHat based installation for an Inspiron 6000? 

      I currently have Kubuntu on it but this annoys me no end - for example why
      does it assume ssh1 rather than 2 so I have to remember ssh -2 -X
      everytime I hook up to something; rolling my own kernel does not install
      itself with the usual (ie built into the vanilla tree) make;make
      install;make modules_install for some reason to do with the grub
      installation (I want to try suspend2 and it patches OK but
      doesn't install without hand editing the menu.lst); if I su - into root, I
      can't use X to display for some reason ...

      There are many other things that I know are trivial and no doubt
      Debian-lovers will ask what's the problem but I really haven't got the
      time to delve into the depths - I know RH-derivatives reasonably well.

      The only advantage Kubuntu seems to have is that it handles the wireless
      card OK but this is more a function I think of the version of KDE that is
      installed.  I have CentOS 4.1 on an old Tosh laptop but that doesn't
      handle WEP128 (yes - hold your sides giggling at security!) as it seems
      that version of KDE forgot it (3.3.1).

      So has anyone tried (eg) FC4 with any success?  I saw on linux-laptops.net
      that this was for some reason very slow.  Or any other distro?  That works
      with wireless channel 13 under WEP128, uses the full res of the screen and
      will play DVDs properly?



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