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27577Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Mandrake Linux 2006 on Dell Latitude C 600 lt

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  • Christoph Eckert
    Nov 16 12:20 PM
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      > a. Doesn't really work well enough to be useful.
      > b. Tends to consume all available resources - threading/scheduling is
      > bad. Maybe it just needs a 'nice' - I deleted it without bothering to
      > investigate.
      > c. Drops crap in the user home directories - security problems.
      > d. Kat needs more work.  Rather use Beagle.  Beagle needs work too
      > though...

      My latest info was that it was split into a deamon and a frontend, and
      that there was added support for dnotify; will try it again soon and
      see if it is useful or not.

      Thanks a lot for the info.

      Best regards

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