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27492Re: Quick Ubuntu 5.10 / Latitude C600 rundown...

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  • Gareth
    Oct 22, 2005
      --- In linux-dell-laptops@yahoogroups.com, "dgholmes59"
      <dgholmes59@e...> wrote:
      ....it will be destined only for the hobbiest that likes
      > tinkering with there computers and servers.

      Back in the late 90's Linux's user base was essentially scientific, so
      I guess this is where things will fall back if they ever do.

      > I wish it were not true, but Windows 2000 professional still works
      > better on my old Dell Latitude 400 mhz, 256 mb memory laptop than
      > linux. The laptop is definitely runs faster with Windows. My
      > hardware definitely sets up easier and the machine requires much less
      > attention from me.

      Supposing I were to say that Linux recently set itself the goal of
      being a worthwhile alternative to Windows before the next release of
      Windows, and looking at the top end of commercial Linux distributions,
      the game is still open. At the opposite end of the scale the only
      sys . admin. skills that I've needed with Ubuntu Breezy have been with
      acpi - I would guess that Linux will not ever support a Dell Latitude
      C600 fully in this respect, aiming for full support only of more
      recent hardware (i.e. as a baseline to start from).
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