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27490Re: Quick Ubuntu 5.10 / Latitude C600 rundown... - James

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  • Gareth
    Oct 22, 2005
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      --- In linux-dell-laptops@yahoogroups.com, James Frye <frye@c...> wrote:
      > I wondered if it has ever occurred to the developers of these "desktops"
      > that if I wanted something with a Windoze look & feel, I could save
      > considerable time & trouble by just buying Windoze :-)

      I posted a post somewhere years ago along the lines that open source
      is not Windows and shouldn't attempt to sell itself as a Windows - it
      will be its downfall if it does.

      Whereas a Windows application works out of the box, the currency of an
      open source application includes as well an interface to encourage
      users to contribute to developing the application - how usable this
      interface to the code and potential developers is could be just as
      decisive as that of the GUI.

      Open source applications rather than polished products are often works
      in progress, meeting community needs viz complete specifications etc.
      etc. Users made aware of this through the way the software is
      presented then have a realistic base on which to plan their own way
      forward. This is omething that is lost if a user sets up a PC with
      open source and simply finds it does not work. Whereas if the project
      is presented as open source and not a product, then they have a
      rational for the state of things and can plan more effectively for
      themselves with that rational, which may well include developing (or
      sponsoring development) themselves.

      If Linux users were sold an 'open source' product, with the software
      in its historical context - an accurate description of what it is and
      what it isn't and can't do following - then users I think would be
      much more impressed.

      Having said that there does seem to be a lot of work going into an 'it
      just works' interface for Linux, the problem is though where
      developers push this beyond a rational implementation.
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