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27485Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Re: Quick Ubuntu 5.10 / Latitude C600 rundown...

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  • James Frye
    Oct 21 7:08 PM
      On Fri, 21 Oct 2005, dgholmes59 wrote:

      > Absolutely the developers have thought about the look and feel and
      > that if linux is ever going to compete with Windows...

      But why should Linux compete with Windows? Windows apparently suits the
      average user well enough, for the (if you'll excuse my prejudice) trivial
      applications they tend to run. Why do we need another clone of it? Leave
      Linux for the rest of us.

      > If linux doesn't progress to a functional and easy to use gui
      > it will be destined only for the hobbiest that likes
      > tinkering with there computers and servers.

      Or for people like me: I use my laptop to develop simulation software that
      runs, among other places, on some of world's most powerful supercomputers.
      Which, BTW, run Linux too.

      > If it does finally progress to this point, the average computer user
      > may start using linux. And then there will be tons of software
      > available at any store.

      But there is far more useful (to me, at least) software available for
      Linux than for Windows. As you (or someone) said, the computer is a tool.
      Its value is in the work it lets me do. I can do my work with Linux. If
      I had to try to do it with Windows tools (or Linux tools locked in to a
      Windoze look & feel), it'd take me far longer, if I could do it at all.

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