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27469Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Quick Ubuntu 5.10 / Latitude C600 rundown...

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  • Alexandre Tessier
    Oct 20, 2005
      Gareth wrote:
      > If Linux distributions can be placed on a scale with Maximum Open
      > Source (MOS) dists at the left hand side and 'non-commercial use only'
      > dists at the right had side (i.e. propietory binaries); Xandros would
      > be at the very right edge, while Suse would fall somewhere in the
      > middle, kUbuntu and Red Hat a bit more towards the left, but at the
      > very left edge surely would be Ubuntu with a default GNOME install - a
      > more or less 100% open source operating system.

      I would add:
      At the very left edge is the download edition of mandriva (100% open
      source), while the power pack edition of mandriva is near the right edge
      (download edition + ati/nvidia drivers, acroread...)

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