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273[linux-dell-laptops] ATI on CPx H500GT

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  • James
    Dec 29 5:20 PM

      Just got a Latitude H500GT w/ATI Rage 3D 8MB video card and installed
      RedHat6.1. XConfiguration installs the Mach64 server and recommends
      1024x768 at 32bpp. When I try to test it the screen turns some funny
      colors and then dies. If I choose not to test and accept it's values
      and startx the screen just goes blank. I have tried all resolutions and
      color depths with the same results. I also tried the fix mentioned in a
      previous post meant for a Inspirion. Does anyone have a suggestion as
      how to fix this? I was never able to get it working properly with the
      CPi400GT w/NeoMagic 256ZX either. Thanks
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