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27212Linux ,as dual boot with XP home on inspiron 600m.

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    Aug 12, 2005
      I got a new Dell laptop inspiron 600m ,with XP home,and want to add
      Xandros SurfSide Linux .Before I do,I want to have a backup .is there
      a method I can burn a backup of this DELL OS image BEFORE I install
      Linux? perhaps a ghost image ,saved to main drive,then burn that to

      I did some reading about restore function,since dell no longer ships
      restore cds,and found "" Multiboot managers that install themselves in
      the MBR will break Dell's PC Restore ability.".

      this dude has figured out,that if add OS,like linux,you cannot restore
      dell os!


      so you have PAID the M$ TAX ,and if add linux your screwed at
      recovering WINDOZE!
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