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26745Problems with Latitude C400 and TrueMobile wireless drivers

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  • oreomike
    May 30, 2005

      I installed the bcmwl5.inf/sys driver (ndiswrapper -i) and that
      worked. Then I ran modprobe ndiswrapper. I have my boot set to thorough.

      When I run iwconfig wlan0, I see the MAC of the access point that I am
      trying to connect to, but I don't seem to be getting an IP. I can't
      view any web pages even if just going to the IP.

      1) How can I make the laptop boot and not have to run modprobe
      ndiswrapper each time? In /etc/modprobe.conf?

      2) I am unsure how to set up the settings for the card, like DHCP, and
      how to enure that it really is connecting.

      If anyone can point me to some good links online, that would be a
      great help.

      My System:
      Dell Latitude C400
      Suse 9.1
      Kernel 2.6.5-..?
      Truemobile card, I think. (I looked up my windows driver and it was
      the bcmwl5)

      Thanks in advance,
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