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26666I8100 and battery chargin problems

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  • Jesper G
    May 13, 2005
      This is not strictly a linux-question - but you provide so many
      answers here, so I will try anyway:

      My I8100 (quite old by now), has refused to fully accept my power
      supply. It will not work if I remove the battery, even if the power
      supply is attached. It does not seem to recharge my battery when
      attached. However, when attached, the batteri is not drained, hence
      power must be taken from the power supply.

      So it is running, but in no way optimally...

      Anyone knows what to do? My own battery is old and has only 30 minutes
      of up-time, but another battery seems to behave similarly. Also
      another power supply behaves similarly.

      Thanks in advance
      - Jesper -