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26389Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Re: dual booting

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  • ken
    Apr 3, 2004
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      roberto wrote:

      > Sorry for me to be a little confusing.
      > At the moment, i have let's say three partitions on the HD:
      > 1. dellutility (54,4 MB)
      > 2. C: (74,4 GB)
      > 3. "hidden partition" (as Dell names it) (all the rest up to the
      dimension of HD = 80 GB)
      > I want to install Linux, giving it as much space as possible, but
      keeping a little space also for Windows, just to little usage testing.
      > I will sweep away the entire C:, then install Linux on say about 65 GB,
      and reistalling WS using DellUtility on the little free space left,
      keeping the hidden partition untouched.
      > Tell me if this is good.
      > One last thing: What is WS cd Dell Gave me? What is its purpose?
      > Than you and please be patient with me!
      > Bye.

      [... deleted a *lot* of text...]

      The simplest way would be to leave the 5.4G utility partition. Also
      leave the Windows partition, but shrink it down. Then install Linux.

      Warning: If you install Windows after installing Linux, Windows will
      destroy the ability to boot into Linux.


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