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2574Re: [linux-dell-laptops] 8000 + LINUX + W2K = many issues I need advice on

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  • Joel Epstein
    Feb 2, 2001
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      I have the same machine... it runs great.

      1) You needn't really upgrade the whole os... you could simply upgrade to
      2) I've found that windows should go on first, with linux on the next
      partition. Be aware that you will need to modify your Lilo config file to
      make it compatible with it's bootsector being places above the first
      1024mb. The lilo readme will will explain that, or you can search on
      redhat's sight. Should you have problems with lilo, I will be glad to send
      you my file.
      3) The ATI mobility 4XAGP card kicks ass. The resolution on this thing is
      unreal. Support via RedHat7 is wonderful.
      4) The audio is slightly tricky. Watch this group, as people talk about the
      audio drivers contantly. It is my understanding that the latest OSS set
      will work just fine. I haven't bothered to set mine up as of yet.

      This link had all the information I needed to setup mine effectively.

      stuart@... wrote:

      > Dell Users:
      > Recently (due to multiple repairs), Dell choose to swap out my
      > system, and they upgraded me in the process. I used to have a 7500,
      > now I am running an 8000 (as of today). That being said, here are my
      > concerns:
      > (old) 7500 Configuration: 1400x1050 LCD, ATI RAGE 3D (8MB)
      > I had RH 6.2 with X 3.3.6 running on it okay.
      > (new) 8000:
      > now has a Sony DVD/CD-RW on it (did not have it before)
      > now has an "M4" ATI chipset (32MB)
      > RH = RedHat
      > 1) I want to get RH running with X on the 8000, am I best served to
      > upgrade to RH 7 (in order to get X 4 as well), what are the caveats
      > to doing such an upgrade? What are the RH7 problems that are big
      > right now?
      > 2) I have W2K and Linux installed right now, Linux first in a primary
      > partition, followed by W2K in an extended. The primary is 9GB in
      > length. I was told "it would never work with W2K installed second",
      > but somehow I got it going against popular beleive.
      > What is the best way to have W2K and Linux installed? What types of
      > partitions, the order, etc.?
      > 3) How hard is it for RH7 to support the ATI M4?
      > 4) How hard is it for RH7 to support the audio hardware in the 8000?
      > Any other items I ought be aware of?
      > I am running A02 BIOS in the 8000, its also a 1400x1050 LCD.
      > Stuart
      > Beverly Hills, CA
      > --------------------------------------------------------------
      > Please post your X config files in the group links or database

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