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25735Followup: Inspiron 1100 SWSUSP support

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  • Damien Solley
    Jan 7 12:10 AM
      Hi Harris and any other interested parties,

      I went ahead and installed software suspend 2.1.5 as a patch for kernel
      2.6.9. Be sure to follow the the instructions in the HOWTO:
      With the patch I am able to successfully suspend/resume at a rapid rate.
      I used all the default settings for the hibernate package under Debian
      Sarge. I simply modified my GRUB boot loader to include
      And from a shell entered "hibernate" (as root).
      I timed the results with LZF compression and uncompressed. LZF
      compression significantly sped up the process:
      state nocompression LZF compression
      hibernate 38 23
      resume 51 37

      So, I hope that helps.