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25704Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Re: Inspiron 1100 i1100 SWSUSP support

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  • Smbawhisky
    Dec 31, 2004
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      I am using suspend to disk on the 1100 quite happily at the moment,
      where suspend to ram etc. is slightly different.
      On my system it does take longer to write the ram to the disk (to
      hibernate) than it does to shut the system down normally, however when
      resuming from disk I can be booted into a fully working system in less
      than 30 seconds, even if I do have to re-plug-in USB devices, though
      this could be changed if I was using USB drivers in a module which I
      could then reload after hibernate with the script.

      Suspend to ram (stand-by) etc. has not worked for me, though you may get
      better luck with the so-called Software Suspend 2.

      My system has 512m of ram, using 2.6.9 (vanilla)

      The following is how I use suspend to disk;

      write appropriate part in LILO/GRUB namely resume=/dev/hdc3 (or similar)
      - if you just want to test and you are using grub you can just enter it
      at the grub menu when booting if you don't want to have to write to
      menu.lst since it is just a test

      to go into suspend to disk I use the following script;
      hwclock --systohc
      cat "disk" > /sys/power/state
      hwclock --hctosys

      The hwclock stuff should be remembered otherwise your system will boot
      up with the clock showing the same time as when you shut it down (it is
      possible that the first argument is slight redundant)

      Hopefully suspend to ram will be better in a future kernel, though I am
      yet to try Software Suspend 2 or 2.6.10 I think I will soon. Also, I
      have been unsuccessful with trying to use the power button as an event,
      it just is not picked up at the moment.

      Damien Solley wrote:

      > Hi Harris
      > I did successfully get SWSUSP working on my I1100. Details:
      > * Separate partition for swap and suspend (800MB)
      > * 512MB Ram
      > * 2.6.8 kernel (custom, as per the .config on my web page)
      > * Appropriate "resume=/dev/hdc6" switch in my bootloader config.
      > Anyway, with 512MB RAM the suspend operation took almost 3 minutes and
      > resume took about 2 minutes. I'm not sure why it took so long, but it
      > was much slower than booting my Debian system normally. I also noticed
      > corruption of a few text files that I had been editting and promptly
      > decided not to use SWSUSP any longer.
      > Now that kernel 2.6.10 is out and I have a little time I may give it
      > another roll. Will update you with the results.
      > Regards
      > Damien
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