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25484sound problems

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  • merik7777
    Nov 28, 2004
      I recently went back to slack and i had to change the alsa packages to
      get sound to work. Started with 1.0.6 series and since going to them I
      have had to specify artsdsp in front of firefox and americas army to
      get sound out of them. I didn't have this problem with 1.0.5 when
      compiled from source. Just a little while ago I went to the 1.0.7
      series to see if it would fix that problem and still the same thing. I
      installed Unreal Tournament 2004 last night and I can't get any sound
      out of it at all. Other than that the game runs fine. I looked around
      on the net but couldn't find a fix. Just hoping someone has a solution
      or knows anywhere they can point me to so I can resolve this issue.

      dell i82k
      p4 2G
      512mb ram
      nvidia 64mb
      Slackware 10
      2.4.26 kernel (for now anyway. If going to 2.6 will resolve this i
      will make an effort to do it sooner.)

      I have alsa configured with the --with-cards=intel8x0 option (Maybe
      this is the problem. I had the 1.0.5 series with --with-cards=ac97

      Any help will be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance,

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