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2547Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Mandrake 7.2 on i8000[ X Config. problem]

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  • Gary Herron
    Feb 1, 2001
      echezhian72@... wrote:
      > I am new to Linux.
      > Somehow i was able to manage the installation of Mandrake 7.2 on my
      > new inspiron 8000. But the HardDrake is not detecting PCMCIA, it
      > hangs if it tries to detect. I was not able to configure X during
      > installation. It is not detecting the Graphic card stuff. Also, i am
      > getting a message saying 'PCI-IDE: Unknown IDE controller on PCI Bus
      > 00 device F9, UID: 8086 DID: 244a' during boot.
      > Insp. 8000 configuration:
      > PIII at 700Mhz
      > 128 Mb Ram
      > RAGE MOBILITY 128 AGP 4X ( 16 MB V.RAM )
      > Win2K in first partition.

      Here's some help gleened from this mail-list over the past several weeks
      since I got my inspiron 8000. (I installed Redhat7.0, but I think these
      comments will apply to you also.)

      The PCMCIA crash/hang is a known problem with older versions of the
      pcmcia package. Building the latest version of this package solves the
      problem. The version in RH7.0 was (I think) 3.1.19, but the latest is

      Several people have hand-built XF86Config-4 file for screens of
      resolution 1400x1050.

      Perhaps the most usefull page I found with all this information
      (including pointers the the pcmcia package and a XF86Config-4 file) and
      more (e.g., sound card support) is

      Good luck,

      Dr. Gary Herron <gherron@...>
      Alias | Wavefront
      1218 3rd Ave, Suite 800, Seattle WA 98101
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