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25103Re: [linux-dell-laptops] 600M, Want to put display desktop on TV

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  • Alexandre Tessier
    Oct 3 5:35 AM
      I have no experience of tv output with ATI card. With nVidia one you
      have to use the proprietary driver because tv output does not work with
      the default XFree driver. I think it's the same with ATI cards, so
      download the driver from ati.com. You did not tell us the distribution
      you are using, maybe you should find the driver on the cd/dvd or on the
      official ftp site of your distro.
      Read the man (doc, readme...) of the driver to set up your XF86Config
      file (maybe you should chose between composite or svideo, pal or
      ntsc...), you should also start trying with low resolution, for example
      800x600 or 640x480.


      Michael Steven Dacko wrote:
      > I don't know if this post has come up before, but my question is how
      > do I get my desktop to show up on the TV screen? I realized Dell had
      > some issues with their TV output connections since i found no store
      > that carried the 7-pin S-Video cable, so i ordered it online and
      > finally got it (which comes with a 4-pin svideo connection, composite
      > video and S/PDIF). However, i plug it in and connect a regular S-
      > video 4-pinner on it and then to the TV and nothing..... so i went to
      > Dell.com for some help.... they have the exact article i need on "how
      > to display or play video on my TV from my Dell" except its all based
      > on this ATI video chipset thing.... what the hell is that?
      > Everything i look up on the internet about this issue involves this
      > ATI thing so i went on my laptop and found no such program.
      > Obviously this ATI program is not standard on the Dells. Do I have
      > to go purchase this ATI program to do what I want to do? Or can I
      > just go into my control panel settings and make a few adjustments...?
      > or BIOS or something? Please help! Thanks.
      > Mike
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