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24942Re: [linux-dell-laptops] USB Pen

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  • Ivan Fernandez
    Aug 31, 2004
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      On Tue, Aug 31, 2004 at 01:39:11PM -0700, Haedn Thorn wrote:
      > > Im considering buying a SanDisk Micro Cruzer 256MB
      > > USB pen for my
      > > I8200 running mdk 10.0. Does anyone know if this
      > > USB-pen is compatible
      > > with linux?

      I have one of them, it does work with no problem, and it's USB 2.0. My
      only gripe is that one of the reasons I decided to buy it was because an
      Ars Technica review claimed it worked in unpowerd usb slots (such as in
      a keyboard; I have a Mac at the office), but actually, it doesn't.
      Otherwise, it's a nice drive, skinny enough not to prevent other usb
      things from using the next slot in a packed hub.
      > I would venture to say a majority, if not all, the
      > newer USB memory devices should work rather easily
      > with Linux. My pen drive mounts as a SCSI device on
      > /dev/sdb1 ... If you don't already have a scsi drive,
      > it would likely be /dev/sda1, but it does change
      > depending on other USB devices if you use more than 1!

      My current solution to that is udev + updfstab-2.6; this will
      automatically create the fstab entries according to the device name. So
      my pendrive gets a /media/CruzerMini entry and my portable jukebox gets
      /media/iRiver, no matter in which order I plug them in. I love it.

      See http://ccomb.free.fr/wiki/wakka.php?wiki=UsbMassStorageEnglish for
      the updfstab script.

      Ivan Fernández
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