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24939Re: [linux-dell-laptops] USB Pen

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  • mchristoph.eckert@t-online.de
    Aug 31, 2004
      > I would venture to say a majority, if not all, the
      > newer USB memory devices should work rather easily
      > with Linux. My pen drive mounts as a SCSI device on
      > /dev/sdb1 ... If you don't already have a scsi drive,
      > it would likely be /dev/sda1, but it does change
      > depending on other USB devices if you use more than 1!

      I'd like to add that I hadn't good luck with mine.

      It seems to be a problem with the filesystem on it; I do not
      get it partitioned so it will work on Win, Mac and Linux -
      one of them will always fail.

      Gruß & regards


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