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  • joegarret2003
    Jun 30 11:26 PM
      I got my new 8600 with a wireless setup two weeks ago. After
      configuring all the s/w I thought I would ever want, I jumped on the
      web to look up my newsgroups. Within 2 or 3 hours, I was bombarded
      by all the usual winbloze crap... I had enough...
      I'm just completing the install of FC2 on this box, and, so far,
      everything is falling into place. A newbie is born! I've been
      watching the newsgroups and boards for a few weeks now, and decided
      that it's time I jump in and join the fray. Microsoft - bad; Linux -

      I thought compiling all the sources would be a nightmare, but not
      near as complicated as I originally thought. Reading the available
      docs 'carefully' really helped.

      I hope I can contribute to the group soon since this group and
      others have helped worlds in getting me here.

      Thanks all!
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