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24288Re: Responsiveness and Sound

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  • koalillo
    Jun 7, 2004
      > > Not as responsive as what?
      > Not as responsive as the Mandrake 9.2 (kernel 2.4.22) from which I
      > upgraded.

      Hmmm.... the usual checklist goes:

      1. Check that DMA is on using hdparm
      2. Check that no process is hogging cpu with top
      3. Check for CD automounters and the like. They sometimes hinder

      If it was just a 2.4 <-> 2.6 kernel change, I'd check if the X Server
      is niced. This was a good practice with 2.4 kernels, but it's bad with
      2.6... but I guess that MDK has this sorted out if they ship a 2.6 kernel.

      Also, if MDK supplies 2.4 kernels for your version, try switching to
      that... see if the problem is the MDK 9 <-> 10 or the kernel change...
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