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24277Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Merging Partitions (Help!)

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  • Solomon Grundy
    Jun 6, 2004
      Well, one partition is formatted as EXT3, the other is simply shown as
      unallocated disk space. I'm feeling somewhat stupid right now, but I do
      believe that might be the problem. How do I modify the filesystem size?

      On Tue, 2004-06-01 at 00:10, Alan Schmitt wrote:
      > * Solomon Grundy (fantomas@...) wrote:
      > > OK, it's been almost a month since you guys helped me out with, and I
      > > just got around to trying the partition merge this afternoon. Everything
      > > went well, apparently. I checked the block sizes, found that the
      > > partitions I wanted to merge went from 7875 to 12872 and from 12873 to
      > > 16621, respectively. I deleted the second partition and resized the
      > > first one, so it now went from 7875 to 16621. No errors were reported.
      > > Upon finishing, I rebooted, just to check everything was OK. Boot up
      > > went well, no error messages.
      > >
      > > However, when I logged into Linux, the new size isn't detected, and it
      > > is as if I'd done nothing. I've checked the partition sizes again using
      > > parted, but it seems they're OK. What am I missing?
      > At first glance, I'd say that you resized your partition, but not the
      > filesystem on it. What filesystem do you use ?
      > Alan Schmitt
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