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23991screen shrink

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  • arun lal
    May 2, 2004
      hi all

      I know there are lot of posts about this, still I need
      to know most updated workaround.

      The Problem: the screen size has shrank to half of the
      LCD panel size.
      I tried 845patch. It gave some error while running.
      Still , I was able to set the VideoRam size to 20000.
      But then what. How to know if something has changed?

      I tried installing Intel Graphics driver for Linux.
      After installtion, it won't start X windows.

      Now my question is, what is the easy solution of this
      problem. Changing Kernel? Or BIOS? or something else?
      If I need to remove 845patch from X11, how shud I do

      this is a great community...thanks


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