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23988Re: [linux-dell-laptops]Unbootable Dell Inspiron 8200

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  • Douglas S. Oliver
    May 2, 2004
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      Did you try booting from the Partition Commander CD? I used PC to setup
      my i8600. My PC cd came with System Commander. If you have the option of
      booting from a floppy, boot from a windows rescue floppy. From there run
      fdisk /mbr, which reinstalls the master boot record to your primary hard
      drive partition. Also, if I remember correctly, PC has the option to set
      the boot flag on the partition you want to use. You didn´t say which
      linux distro you´re using.

      Now, if you can give more details regarding error messages, boot
      options, i.e. floppy or CD, Linux distro, etc., more help might be
      forthcoming. I have the PC / SC manual and can try to help if you
      provide a little more info. -- d

      On Sun, 2004-05-02 at 11:13, David Amundson wrote:
      > My Dell Inspiron 8200 went unbootable the other day when I was trying to set up a dual-boot (XP/Linux) system with System Commander to set up partitions.
      > Does anyone know of a software solution for the startup mess I seem to have made? The machine turns on, but I can't find any way to get to a menu, OS, or program.
      > thanks
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