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23985Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Fan stops on an Dell Inspiron

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  • IbericoVespucio
    May 1, 2004
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      Respondiendo a Nikolas Olivier [[linux-dell-laptops] Fan stops on an Dell Inspiron], del 30 de abril de 2004 a las 09:50:48 (+0200)

      > I've just received an Inspiron from my company on which I put a
      > Debian. The problem is that the fan stops sometimes and never turns
      > back on [.....] Sometimes, it works the whole day whithout
      > troubles, but it becomes less and less often.

      Summer comming up?

      >I'm running a 2.6.5 with acpi enabled. I've got no entry in
      >/proc/acpi/fan and the laptop is not recognized by i8k, even when I
      >force the module.

      I would try disableing ACPI to chek if it is faulty or it is an
      internal problem. In my Inspiron 8600 fans ran allright
      without either apm and acpi. BIOS seemed to manage them.

      By the way, Now I have ACPI enabled and have notticed differences
      between with- or without- i8k: with i8k the HD area gets warmer, so
      suspect i8k donnot manage all senesors and I stopped using it.



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