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238[linux-dell-laptops] Re: Linux on a Dell Latitude CPt V466GT ?

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  • ruff@chi.mti.com
    Dec 17, 1999
      russ-@... wrote:
      original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/linux-dell-laptops/?start
      > Hi all,
      > I'm going to purchase a Dell Latitude CPt V466GT and I want to put
      > Linux on it. Has anybody succeded?

      I just purchased one this week with the 12GB hard disk and 192MB RAM.
      I was able to load Caldera 2.3, but am having the following problems:

      *The 3COM 3CCFE575CT card is not recognized. However, it works fine if
      I pop in the 3com card that came with a Latitude CPt333GT that we
      received this spring: 3CCFE575BT. I expect that I will be able to get
      beyond this problem after I load the latest drivers from:


      The release notes contain the following relevent information:

      [16-Dec-99] Version 3.1.7
      -- Fixed a bug in 3c575_cb "too much work in interrupt" handler.

      [20-Oct-99] Version 3.1.2
      -- Added 3CCFE575CT support to 3c575_cb driver.

      *The video hardware does not work seemlessly - to put it nicely. It
      seems that this is the most difficult part of any linux installation.
      Anyhow, there is alot of help out there to get the NeoMagic 2200
      working with compatible drivers. However, Red Hat funded a project
      with Precision Insight(http://www.precisioninsight.com) to get the
      Neomagic hardware supported, and this work was included in XF86free
      3.3.3. Well, 3.3.4-1 comes with Caldera 2.3. The chip still goes
      unrecognized during the installation. I can only get the LCD to work
      if I use an external monitor first, then bring the screen back to the
      LCD. As you can see, I have some more work to do. I am being
      persistant to get the neomagic driver to work because I want to take
      advantage of the hardware acceleration.

      *Overall, I feel comfortable that I will be able to get it all to work
      somehow. 3 other people in the office run Caldera 2.3 on their
      laptops, but of course, none of them had the new 3com card and they all
      installed the OS before the Neomagic specific drivers existed.

      *Also, some have posted that the RedHat distribution works out of the
      box better on this platform, but I have not gone that direction yet.

      The following links came recommened by others in this office and have
      been very useful:


      ..or this one..


      > Thanks in advance
      > Ale
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