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23437Re: [linux-dell-laptops] RH9 stole my connectivity!

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  • Steffen Lorch
    Feb 29, 2004
      Du (Arani Sinha) schriebst:

      > Hi Mike,
      > Did you get your modem to work?
      > Where did you find the driver? I have been trying for a while.

      Well, I did so too, and there are - IMHO - two ways to get it work:

      1.) turn of ACPI in the Kernel (well that is maybe not really what you

      2.) patch the kernel with the ACPI patch from sf.net

      I, myself, was very lazy and used the precompiled Kernel of SuSE which
      works really well. I only did this because it is the notebook of my
      girlfriend. I think on my own maschine, I would have testet more and
      would have used gentoo, but that is not really what my girlfriend needs.

      But here is what I tested:

      - vanilla kernel with ACPI patch - 2.4.25 and 2.6.3, which both
      _did_not_ work - no mather with or without the patch.
      - gentoo kernel sources - did not work
      - knoppix c't version, which worked (hardware installation)
      - debian 2.4.28, which did not work
      - suse kernel which worked

      _ALL_ kernels worked which acpi=off in the append line.

      I belive dell really suck which their bord acpi configuration.


      BOFH Excuse #44:

      bank holiday - system operating credits not recharged
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