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23394Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Re: Connecting external drive to my Dell Linux machine

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  • Steffen Lorch
    Feb 26, 2004
      Du (Douglas S. Oliver) schriebst:

      > Vfat is not NTFS.


      > Vfat is used for normal windows fat32 partitions.


      > When I make/compile a custom kernel, there are two ntfs options. The
      > stable one is a read-only module as you have. The r/w ntfs module is
      > highly experimental. It's suggested to only use this with
      > caution--that's in the source documentation.


      x x <M> NTFS file system support
      x x x x [ ] NTFS debugging support (NEW)
      x x x x [ ] NTFS write support (NEW)

      --- snip ---
      This enables the partial, but safe, write support in the NTFS driver.
      The only supported operation is overwriting existing files, without
      changing the file length. No file or directory creation, deletion or
      renaming is possible. Note only non-resident files can be written to
      so you may find that some very small files (<500 bytes or so) cannot
      be written to.
      While we cannot guarantee that it will not damage any data, we have
      so far not received a single report where the driver would have
      damaged someones data so we assume it is perfectly safe to use.
      --- snap ---

      but ACK to you, I would not use it.

      > A couple of days ago, a program was mentioned that allows us linux
      > users to access ntfs partitions in r/w mode, but that's not a normal
      > part of the kernel or its modules (at least the 2.4 kernels).

      Ok, the above mentioned doku is from 2.6.3 ;)


      BOFH Excuse #307:

      emissions from GSM-phones
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