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22609Re: AC3 pass-through with I8200

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  • Max Baker
    Jan 6, 2004

      Two things :

      1. Where is there and S/PDIF output on this machine??

      2. DON'T buy the Extigy. I have an i8200 as well and have had nothing
      but problems with the extigy. In windows and especially in Linux. In Windows
      I get random lockups, in Linux I wrestle with the drivers for days and
      eventually it works, but then locks up. Unplug the Extigy and everything is
      fine. I believe it has somethign to do with either A) The Extigy is crap
      (they lied on the box, it doesn't do 24 bit AT ALL!) or B) The USB Chipset on
      the i8200 doesnt like the Creative, and/or is crap. Kinda the same vein as
      all the USB mouse problems people have with our machines.

      Again, I emplor you, find another sound card, not the extigy. And I would
      die to know how to get an s/pdif output from this machine ;-)


      > Message: 20
      > Date: Fri, 02 Jan 2004 20:31:37 +0100
      > From: Raffael Herzog <herzog-lists@...>
      > Subject: AC3 pass-through with I8200
      > Hi,
      > I've got S/PDIF working correctly with my I8200, which is already a great
      > improvement of sound quality over the analog output. However, I often
      > watch DVDs and would like to have true 5.1 sound for this (currently, Xine
      > downmixes it to Pro Logic to send it to the receiver which in turn upmixes
      > it back to 5.1). OK, the sound card can't encode 5.1 itself, but it *can*
      > do AC3 pass-through to pass the decoding to the receiver - which would
      > actually be the perfect solution, as this would also give me EAX, if
      > available on the DVD.
      > So I tried to enable AC3 pass-through in the Xine settings. And it
      > actually seems to work somewhat - but only somewhat. I get some sound on
      > the internal speaker which I suppose is the encoded AC3 signal, it sounds
      > very much like an "analogised" digital signal (similiar to a modem).
      > However, I can't use it on the analog output, I need it on the S/PDIF
      > output. Looks like some routing problem to me, i.e. the signal is simply
      > routed to the wrong output.
      > Did anyone get this last step working, i.e. routing the AC3 signal from
      > the DVD correctly to the S/PDIF output? I know it *can* work because with
      > Dell software, it does. Maybe some tweaking in the .asoundrc is already
      > enough, or maybe, some small peace of software is needed to route the
      > signal correctly?
      > Any advice would be appreciated...
      > TIA,
      > Raffi
      > PS. I'm considering buying a SoundBlaster Extigy, but it's a bit of an
      > overkill: I don't do any gaming, I really don't need 5.1 sound for
      > anything other than watching DVDs, and the internal sound card can do
      > that. With an Extigy I'd end up in a configuration hell because of two
      > soundcards (one of which isn't always present), two sound systems (ALSA
      > and OSS) and unofficial kernel drivers.
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