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2233Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Re: Maestro 3 works with latest ALSA drivers

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  • T. Daniel Crawford
    Jan 15, 2001
      On Sun, 14 Jan 2001 rajeeva@...-labs.com wrote:

      > There is an entry for maestro-3 card in modules.dep. And I am getting
      > unresolved symbols in all those dependent modules as well. Any idea
      > what could be wrong here.
      > Thanks,
      > rajeev


      I took another look at your post in which you listed the unresolved symbols
      for snd-card-maestro3 and I have two questions:

      (1) The symbol names all have an "smp" modifier. For example, one of the
      symbols is: snd_register_ioport_Rsmp_37c19a3c. Now, in my also-driver
      package, I find a symbol snd_register_ioport_R37c19a3c in the module snd.o.
      Did you somehow compile the alsa-driver package with SMP support turned on?
      If so, do you actually have an smp laptop? If you don't, you'll probably
      need to recompile the also code without smp modules.

      (2) What happens if you try to insmod snd.o? That's a low-level module
      that doesn't seem to be loaded first automatically.

      We should be able to figure this out soon!


      T. Daniel Crawford Department of Chemistry
      crawdad@... Virginia Tech
      www.chem.vt.edu/chem-dept/crawford Voice: 540-231-7760 FAX: 540-231-3255
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