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21754Inspiron 3200 sound-Mandrake 9.0

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  • Rob Blomquist
    Nov 9, 2003
      I am new to this group, as I just got a Inspiron 3200 and was able to load
      Mandrake 9.0 on it.

      Apparently my CDs burned from ISO images of 9.1 and the club version of 9.2
      were not good enough for this machine, so I backslid to the commerical CDs I
      have of 9.0. Is this normal with this CDROM?

      I see on the web, that the sound card for this machine is said to be the
      Crystal 4237B and it is said to work with the CS4232 module. How can I
      configure it, either manually or with drakconf? BTW, the installer did not
      detect the card, and did not load the draksound for it.

      I have a home LAN, and a modem for this machine, what can I do when I am
      portable with it, so that I can use the modem instead of the LAN connection.
      Currently the LAN is up and running fine with a 3c589 PCMCIA slot NIC, and
      the modem has been pulled from the PCMCIA slot.

      And what window managers work best with this machine. I am a big fan of KDE,
      but I think that the machine may prefer something lighter, so as not to tax
      the video and processor so much.


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