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21738Inspiron 500m, replacing my PB 12" G4?

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  • Oskar Lissheim-Boëthius
    Nov 7, 2003

      New on this list. I'm probably going to buy a Dell laptop for Audio
      use, changing from my Powerbook 12" G4 which I feel is a bit too slow.
      I'll runt mostly Cubase SX, Sonar and Live3 on it, so I need a computer
      with high throughput and memory bandwidth. Going to run som intense VST
      instruments and probably some Gigastudio ttoo (phew!) on it...

      I've been looking at the Inspiron 500m which retails at a nice price
      here in Sweden. It's not much bigger than my powerbook and has a nice
      big screen 1400x1050, but the gripes seem to be the lack of FW-port and
      the Integrated Graphics... All I've heard about IG is that it totally
      sucks for audio throughput. But this laptop seems just too perfect
      besides this little drawback (it's not available with a separate
      graphics controller yet, sadly) that I'm willing to take a minor
      performance hit... It's a centrino system after all so it should be
      plenty fast with a 60GB drive and 768MB RAM.

      Thanks for the input. It's invaluable to hear from Audio-users other
      than reading the darn reviews that only focus on Office speed and
      gaming performance, rather than PCI burst and memory throughput.

      I'll probably buy either the RME Multiface Cardbus or some other USB2
      audio interface to use with it (don't think the latency will be
      especially low with the built-in sound, something that astounded me on
      my mac, where I can get 2ms latency with the built-in soundcard running
      MacOSX Panther...!) so I really need good PCI burst performance.

      Lots of questions, I'll be grateful for your answers and opinions!

      Yours cincerely,

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