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21704Re: [linux-dell-laptops] Dual boot on dell 500m (Mandrake 9.2/WinXP Pro)

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  • Peter Hayes
    Nov 5, 2003
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      On Wednesday 05 November 2003 05:25, prima6 wrote:
      > Hi I've just purchased an Inspiron 500m. It came with WinXP Home
      > which I removed and did a clean install of Win XP Pro.
      > Hard disk size 60GB.
      > I plan to use BootIt NG to partition and set up the boot partitions
      > for the dual boot.
      > Is there any one who has done a similar setup before and who has
      > documented the procedure? I've never messed with linux before,
      > although i am familiar with unix.
      > I plan to partition as follows:
      > Memory : 256MB (single slot, to upgrade to 768MB)
      > Disk space: 60GB HDD
      > Available : 55.8 GB
      > Free space : 52.0 GB (after WinXP Pro installed)
      > Partition allocations:
      > Windows XP Pro : 25 GB (NTFS)
      > Linux : 15 GB (EXT2)
      > Swap : ~1 GB (it's a bit much I know, prolly 768MB)
      > File Share: 15 GB (FAT32)
      > Does that look ok? Anything else I should watch out for or plan
      > before the partition/install?

      Make /home a separate partition so if you upgrade your Linux installation
      sometime in the future you can keep your personal stuff intact.

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